Customer Comments
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I have got to say,  Carolina Fun Machines can't be beat.   I have looked for a motorcycle for my grandson to start on.  The price was right on.  They have taken care of me since I got the bike.   He loves it.  He rides everyday and the bike cranks first kick every time.  Thank you Carolina Fun Machines.

Dean R

_________________________________________________________________Thank you so much for your assistance and understanding my specific needs for a scooter. The Lance SOHO 50 fits me as well as I could expect being a 6 foot 250 pound man.  I appreciate the information shared to myself and my wife as well concerning a quality product vs. a cheap Chinese  scooter.  I had a wonderful buying experience and am an extremely satisfied customer. Thanks again and best wishes.
Charles P

_________________________________________________________________Wow. These guys are on their game. I searched for 2 months for the cheapest price on a Mid Trailmaster XRX Go-Kart and after running across Carolina Fun Machines deals, I couldn't help but drive 2 hrs and pick it up.

They are all very knowledgeable about everything in a nice, clean buisness.  From the grease monkeys to the higher ups.  I was in, loaded up and back out in under 30min.  After getting home and enjoying the Mid XRX with my daughter, I went back the other day and bought a XRX 150.  I was in a rush since I had a 2 hr drive there and 2 hr drive back so I could get my kid from school.  I called them 30 min before I got there and asked that they have it ready for me since I was in a rush. When I got there they had the crate hoisted up on the winch and ready to drop into my trailer.  It's in a crate because I buy the disassembled one since it cheaper than if they put it together for u.  They will also let u test ride what they have. Awsome place.  If you want a fun machine, they have a bunch of stuff to choose from.  Today as I put together the XRX150 I was missing a few parts.  Not their fault since they buy them in the crate and expect the same customer service from their supplier and was just left out of the packaging.  I emailed Tim and told him the parts I was missing and within an hour they were in the mail comming to me.  The kindness and customer service means more to me than the great karts I got.  Check them out.

Tim K

_________________________________________________________________Yet again you guys did a FANTASTIC job on the tune up and maintenance of my Roughhouse 50.  She runs like a dream everytime you guys touch her.  I highly recommend Carolina Fun Machines over all the other shops in town for service and price!

Grant B

_________________________________________________________________Thank you to Carolina Fun Machines, Inc. for donating our scooter "Marlo" to make the trip to Memphis this year.  Tim has been providing our scooters since 2008.  Check out their inventory at

Moped To Memphis

_________________________________________________________________Just wanted to thank Tim for the great deal and one of the best buys of my life.   Great service and awesome prices.

Julian C


I wanted to take a moment and thank you for what you did on Saturday.  Words cannot express the appreciation and gratitude I have.  My boys had a great time on the new ATV.
Again, thank you so much!


PS - The customer service by Carl was great too...

_________________________________________________________________Back in December we visited your store looking for a scooter.  We enjoyed all the information you provide us regarding the different levels of scooter quality but we just didn’t have the money to purchase one of your models.  You suggested one of your competitors down the street where we were able to purchase a new scooter for a few hundred less than your models.  Well it turned out being a big mistake.  After just 300 miles they had to rebuild the engine charging us almost $300.  You told us about the different levels of quality and warranties but learned the hard way that as you said when we visited your store;  you get what you pay for.  My next scooter will be one of yours.

Jane and Jerry, Monroe

I just want to write and let people know that if you are looking for a scooter shop you need to look no further than Carolina Fun Machines.  They have great prices and their service is second to none.  I have been to 3 other shops in Charlotte and will never visit another shop. Thanks guys!
Keith, Charlotte, NC

I just wanted to tell everyone that I bought a Elvis 50 there today, the service I receved was awsome. The people there really work hard to get you what you need at a fair price.

Thank all of you at Carolina Fun Machines. 
Pope, Charlotte, NC

_________________________________________________________________The guys at Carolina Fun Machines were so professional, yet down to earth.  I was very impressed and satisfied with the work they performed on my 250cc scooter.  Thanks guys and you have a customer and scooter friend for life.  If I ever need anything else, these guys are the only ones I will even consider.
Teddy, Monroe, NC 

I just want to make the comment that it was a pleasure to work with Carolina Fun Machines.  They were very helpful and professional.  I am grateful that there are a few companies that distinguish themselves by their great service and helpful attitude and policies.  Looking for some replacement part or extra batteries can be a real pain, but with Carolina Fun Machines this has been much more simple and within the expectations of a very happy e-bike user.

Steven K.

_________________________________________________________________Carolina Fun Machines:

I just love my new scooter.  You guys are great.  The buying experience was painless and you seem to know your products well.  Call me a worry wart if you will;  I've been reading on the Scoot Dawg forums about people's experiences with similar scooters as my Znen 150cc 7C.  Some people have discovered un-greased fork head bearings.  Their symptoms are tight, low-speed steering.  I have not experienced this symptom with my scooter.  Have you ever had this problem with scooters you sell?



I just wanted to take a moment to thank you guys for helping me out of a bad situation.  Purchasing a scooter on the internet is risky, I knew that, but I had no idea how ludicrous it was!  Since the date of purchase (June 2008), I have had nothing but problems.  Although both Tim and Eric gave it a very gallant effort to right a terrible wrong by putting numerous labor hours on trouble shooting, replacing all electrical components, water pump and various gaskets, the end result was the same.  Get rid of it with less than 1200 miles!!  I am so appreciative of you guys working with me on a new replacement.  Being a small business owner myself I must say you guys display a wonderful business model for everyone to follow.  It’s not often that a consumer experiences the quality of sales and services you offer.  In a short period of time you made me feel very at ease of the hard decisions confronting me.  I can only blame myself for trying to save very little money and purchasing blind off the internet.  Thank goodness I stumbled across you guys to bail me out.  It is such a relief to walk outside and hit the start button and have it crank immediately.  I am enjoying my new ZNEN 250-B immensely.  Your honesty and integrity is greatly appreciated.

Chuck - Lake Wylie

_________________________________________________________________As I was driving home today, Friday, there was RAIN!  I thought oh at least we'll get the scooters next week.  But to my surprise, in the garage, was my red scooter!! 

I fed Buddy, checked out the bike and then Philip and I went for my test drive around the neighborhood.  I got lots of double looks.  Several 'nice scooter' and 'cool bike'.

I love my red scooter!  I'll need to have a photo taken and send it to you.

Once again, Thank you! 

Oh, can you mail me a few more of your business cards.  I've already given out my half.

Laura - Cornelius

I purchased a 150 cc 16 inch wheeled Roketa scooter online last summer and thought I had really gotten a great deal, until bolts (that weren't tightened at the factory) started falling out everywhere!  Even the front disk brake caliper bolts came out and the caliper fell off!!  I finally had to completely dismantle the scooter to check for anything amiss; I still have one important looking bolt that I have no idea where it goes.  Then the scooter wouldn't even start up!  After that, I discovered a dent in the rear wheel rim that must have been done in transit.

I then was fortunate enough (blessed is a better word) to find Carolina Fun Machines, where I purchased a Lance "Pheonix" 150 cc scooter for not much more than the "online" machine!  Even the appearance of the Lance scooters sold at Carolina Fun Machines are much more refined than of the other makes I've seen around town.  And when Tim let me ride the Phoenix, that was all it took!  The bike is mine now, and it is the sweetest scooter I have ever been on.  It handles and feels better, is safer, and it even goes 15mph faster than the Roketa 150 cc I purchased last summer over the internet!

Thank you Tim and your crew for everything and being so easy to work with!


I have a 2007 Vespa LX 150.  The factory installed alarm system was draining my battery system.  Tim at Carolina Fun Machines understood my problem and recommended  a "trickle charger" that would keep my battery fully charged by hooking into my electrical outlet in my garage while my scooter was not being used.  It worked perfectly and cost less that $20! 
One day I absent mindedly took off on my scooter with the cord still attached to my garage electrical outlet and yanked the cord out of the charger ruining the trickle charger.  I went back to Carolina Fun Machines expecting to have to buy a new charger.  Tim took a new charger out of a box and replaced the cord into my damaged unit, and it worked perfectly.  Even though I offered to pay him, Tim would not take a dime! 
I feel for certain my pricey Vespa is a better quality scooter than Tim currently sells (it should be given the price).  However, Carolina Fun Machines service and prices are light years better than the local Vespa dealer. 
I wish Tim and Carolina Fun Machines continued success.
Bill - Concord

_________________________________________________________________Every time I need my scooter serviced, I take it to Carolina Fun Machines. The honesty of these gentlemen are off the charts! They treat you as if they known you all your life. Salesmen with this kind of approach is very hard to find. Needless to say, Carolina Fun Machines will take care of all my scooter needs. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!
James - Indian Trail


Thank you for taking care of my TNG 150 Scooter. See you Friday afternoon!

The TNG 150 that you worked on for me recently is running well, better than ever. Thank you for being there for me. 

David - Matthew