A Word About Pricing
Why did the prices go up in 2018?

On July 6, 2018 the United States Government implemented a 25% Tariff, or Import Tax, on all Go-Karts and ATVs coming into the United States from China.

On August 23, they implemented a 25% Tariff, or Import Tax, on all 50cc Scooters and Electric Bikes coming into the United States from China.

Is buying the cheapest scooter you can find the best value for your situation?

We get a lot of calls where the caller askes "What is the price of the cheapest scooter that you sell?"  Where in fact what the caller should be asking is "Considering my situation and how long I need to have a scooter and the mileage that I will put on it during that time what is the best scooter that you offer that will be reliable under those requirements of ownership?"

After 11 years in the business we can tell you without any question what so ever that you get what you pay for.  And if you purchase the cheapest scooter that you can find and it is not reliable enough to get you back and forth to work on time to where you lose your job, or during the time of your ownership you must replace it with another scooter because of its poor quality was it really a good value? ​